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ostrich running competition

In my school holidays, i went to the Ostrich Farm near my home, and it's very interesting over there especially this ostrich running competition.....It's fun...

JR-SKI vol.3 TRIPLE JUMP (2004)

Three skiing ostriches (TV commercial of East Japan Railway)

Ostrich Skiing - Unbelievably

Unbelievably video, but really. This kicking ass!Check out my channel for some other fucking rocking videos:-)

Funny Ostrich

Ostrich trying to impress

Run ostrich

ostrich running at 30 Kmh in South Africa

Tiger Snatch Ostrich

The South China Tiger - Cathay, the most proficient hunter under Rewilding training at Laohu Valley in South Africa, saw an Ostrich chick that got trapped in...

Ostrich Daily Life at Pete's Pond 10-30-06

Ostrich displays, persistence and even a surprise visit from Fatty the Nile Crocodile make for a typical day in the life of an ostrich At Pete's Pond on the ...


Check out this cool vid.

ostrich egg devekuşu yumurtası

"Look at!!! it is interesting!! ostrich egg is broken by hammer. Later we ate this. it is very delicious..

Ostrich lays an egg!

I recently returned from a Safari trip to Kenya. One of the highlights of my time there was watching an ostrich lay an egg! Hope you enjoy it!

Ostrich coming out of Ostrich egg

A baby ostrich coming out of the Ostrich egg... See the mouth open...

Ostrich style

Two ostrich's from the toronto zoo going at it..

Baby Ostrich Chick

Baby ostriches are cute. This one is at the Oglebay Park Good Zoo in Wheeling, WV.

Ostrich: An Ode

An ode to the most glorious animal on the globe.

skiing ostrich

an ostrich skiing on ice. amazing

Animation race btween penguin and ostrich

Animation, a funny race between penguin and otstrich